Rumor: New Strider game inbound?

Yesterday, we reported that, among the games discovered in the Steam Content Distribution Record database, Strider was among them. Now, NeoGAF user canIhasAnAccount (I approve of the name) put up the supposed box art and banner for Strider for XBLA. In addition to this, user Sega1991 found a Steam Community page, which is not viewable […]

Borderlands 2 artist thinks Dragon’s Crown art is “juvenile,” and something a 5th grader would draw

It’s not very good when industry people bash each other, it’s really insulting and makes people shun the industry. One person’s insult reflects on a company. Recently, Gearbox Environment artist Shaylyn Hamm had this to say about the artwork from Dragon’s Crown: “Also, this is the first time I’ve seen that character and holy shit, ahahahahahaha. That’s actually […]

13-year old kid attempts to rape mother & ends up killing her for taking away Call of Duty

UPDATE: We have rectified the headline for clarity. Noah Crooks “attempted” to rape his mom and has not actually done the act. Headline has been changed, but the deed is still despicable nonetheless) A 14 year old Osage, Iowa boy is on trial for shooting and killing his mother, Gretchen Crooks, last March. The jury […]