Temporary EA CEO to receive $1.03 million salary

While EA is looking for a CEO after John Riccitiello’s resignation, executive chairman Larry Probst will receive an annual salary of $1.03 million. However, due to his position on the EA Board of Directors, Probst will not receive cash retainer fees from that position while also fulfilling his role as executive chairman. According to federal documents, […]

Battlefield 4 Beta to be available to all Premium members, EA confirms BF4 for the PS4

For those who didn’t buy Medal of Honor Warfighter but still wants to get into the Battlefield 4 Beta, you’re in luck! As DICE has confirmed that BF3 Premium members WILL get access to it. Posted over on the official Battlefield Blog, DICE mentions that people who pre-order the game, bought Medal of Honor Warfighter, and BF3 Premium members will be able […]

BioShock Infinite Review — The shooter to end a generation

With a healthy six years since the success of the first critically acclaimed BioShock, and three years following BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite marks the end of this console generation –a promising closing act to first-person shooters of this era. All eyes are on Irrational Games…did the developers manage to deliver on the hype? Either way, this is the sequel that […]

“Wait until June for our next project” says Just Cause developers

Avalanche studios who developed Just Cause have suggested that Just Cause 3 will be announced in June. Speaking to Polygon, Avalanche Studios founder Christopher Sundburg said “Just wait till June. We’ll have more to say in June.” Rumours believe that the Xbox 720 may launch in June, which could point to a launch title from Avalanche studios. We already know they’ve been developing on the PlayStation 4. They […]

DICE doesn’t have Frostbite 3 “support” for the Wii U

We reported yesterday that DICE’s Battlefield 4 won’t be making its way to Nintendo’s Wii U anytime soon — a move I expect won’t please “core” fans who wish to play the shooter using the Wii U’s Gamepad. Now, DICE executive producer Patrick Bach goes a step further, as he reveals that they don’t even have “support” for Battlefield 4′s engine […]