Xbox One pre-owned and online policies are “definitive” for now

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has told CVG that Microsoft’s policies regarding Xbox One’s online and software authorization requirements are definitive for now. This may be bad news for those Xbox One fans who were hoping for a change in stance before the launch of the console. This news follows confirmation from Microsoft that Xbox fans in some countries will not […]

E3 2013: Quantum Break live action series will come with the game

Quantum Break is the upcoming game from Remedy Entertainment. The game also incorporates live-action series that sows the perspective of the villain. However, the live-action series won’t be available as a separate download or purchase. Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that Quantum Break live-action series will be a part of the game. Meaning, players will be […]

E3 2013: PlayStation Plus price won’t change for PS4, video services can be used without it

Sitting down for a roundtable discussion with Joystiq, Sony Computer Entertainment of America vice-president of publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes confirmed that the annual $50 price for PlayStation Plus will not change for the PlayStation 4. In addition, Boyes confirmed that “all video services [on the PS4] will be outside of Plus.” In other […]