Cheaper, entertainment-only Xbox One “Lite” is on the way – Rumour

According to the dude who correctly revealed the Xbox One’s announcement date, discarded mandatory internet policies and release month, Microsoft is soon to release a cheaper “entertainment-only” Xbox One that will “dramatically” outsell the original Xbox One. In a post on his Supersite for Windows blog, Paul Thurrott wrote the following summary: As I exclusively […]

Battlefield 4: DICE has found a “solid fix” for headshot glitch, will push it out as soon as possible

Last week, we posted that Battlefield 4 had an annoying one-hit kill bug that irritated some (most?) players since that meant, y’know, that their character bit the dust after getting hit with on bullet on the head even at full health. Good news for everyone as DICE has announced in the official Battlelog forums that […]

Street Fighter producer debunks Street Fighter 5 rumour that says he doesnt have the staff or budget

There is a rumor making rounds on the internet suggesting that Capcom hasn’t allocated enough resources towards Street Fighter 5 causing the development to face problems. However, Street Fighter producer took notice of the rumor and revealed that truth. According to the producer, the rumor is just a rumor and a lie. Capcom has allocated […]

Interview: “Living Doll” who broke world record sets the record straight with Pixel Enemy

We previously reported on how Kinumi Cati, a “living doll” broke the world record (unofficially at time of press) for the longest videogame marathon on a Japanese-style role playing game by playing for 38 hours straight. We got the news tip, as did almost every single other outlet that covered it, from who claimed […]