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“Your Feedback Matters:” Pixel Enemy talks: Xbox One and its DRM revisions (Podcast)

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Earlier today, we reported that Microsoft has decided to revise its policy concerning DRM and online connectivity for the Xbox One. Since the announcement, we got together and talked about what this means for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the next-generation of consoles in general.

You can listen to the show below.

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  • http://gravatar.com Tanner l

    wasn’t entirely the internet. it was also sony. gotta remember that

    • http://pixelenemy.com Andrew Esposito

      True Tanner. I definitely agree that both parties were involved!

  • enkoo

    60$ games are still pretty expensive. Where I live they’re 140 US $.

  • http://pixelenemy.com Andrew Esposito

    Yea, prices around the world suck. It’s a damn shame that if someone in say (Australia) wants to buy a game, it’s going to cost him a metric ton more :(

  • Jeremy Morrow

    You guys not listing on iTunes anymore? Last one there is episode 8.

    • http://pixelenemy.com Andrew Esposito

      Jeremy! Yea, we switched over to SOUNDCLOUD because of its ease-of-use. We are updating the RSS feed and hopefully should have ALL the shows on iTunes within the week. If you want to download the show, there is a download option under the “share” button on the player. But we should be on iTunes again soooon!

      • Jeremy Morrow

        Thanks for the update, Andrew. I’m a big fan of Soundcloud so I’ll switch over there.

        • http://pixelenemy.com Andrew Esposito

          No problem Jeremy. Thank you for listening!!! We really appreciate it :D