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Yoshida wants Nintendo to thrive, owns two Wii U’s

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Shuhei Yoshida

Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida has said that he wants Nintendo to survive and thrive because the industry needs it to. He also said that Sony and Nintendo aren’t in direct competition against one another, and that he owns two of Nintendo’s Wii U consoles.

Speaking to IGN he said:

Well I have two Wii Us. I play Wii U games with my daughters, because they make pretty fun family friendly games. I think success or making mistakes depends on how you set your goal. I don’t know what was Nintendo’s goal when they launched Wii U. To me, it was a bit confusing because what they do really well was create some very safe environment for anyone, especially children to enjoy games like induct those people who have never played games ever to become gamers. And they always do very well.

Yoshida also remarked that Nintendo’s message that its consoles are for “core gamers” was a bit confusing and now that the company has changed its messaging, it seems to be coming back on track.

Via NeoGAF