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Yoshi appears in Era’s Adventure’s developer bought a different character

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Yoshi EraAnDev recently released Era’s Adventures, a bizarre 3D platform game that has you take on the role of Yoshi – yes, Yoshi from the Super Mario series.

Gaming Everything brought light to this, and posted up articles which were then spread throughout the internet.

You have to use fire breath to blow open objects for points and to find keys. The game employs simplistic gameplay which you would expect from a cheap iOS game.

We actually asked AnDev why they used Yoshi, we got this reply:

The game has no relation ship with Nintendo and with Yoshi from Nintendo. Actually this is an indie game developed by one developer so due to the limitation of effort, I purchased a cute character from the TurboSquide, one of the biggest 3D asset store without knowing the background story of the character, of the Yoshi since I’m not a Super Mario fan.
Once the game was released on the Play Store, after spending hundreds of hours in making the game, I started receiving “kind” mails from Super Mario fans that I stole Yoshi, etc. So I started googling and I realised that the character is really from the Super Mario series.
After realising this, I actually started to search in the US copyright, trademark and pattern database but I didn’t find anything related to Yoshi’s 3D character.
Still, since the character is the same as Yoshi from the Super Mario series, I’m working on “modifying” the character a little bit. I know that even if I modify the character, Yoshi a little bit, that this will still be a big problem for the Nintendo fans, but I’m making the game alone so I have really limited time to do some changes.
So there you have it, is this an honest mistake? The developer seems pretty genuine. And if I’m honest, I kind of pity the guy.

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