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XCOM shooter set to be re-announced by 2K — Rumor

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Is 2K Games set to re-announce their XCOM shooter? Not to be confused with last year’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown action/strategy game, XCOM is a shooter that was announced back in 2010, but has fallen off the radar since.

Videogamer has received a package and one they’re fairly confident is for the shooter. See how they piece it all together in the video below.

While the game hinted might be XCOM, word is circulating that it has since been renamed as “The Bureau.”

Even if the evidence has “XCOM” written all over it, we’ll still treat it as a rumor for now until 2K confirms it…or decides on a title, at least.

Anyone still excited for this or should it be moved to next-gen at this point?

2 comments on “XCOM shooter set to be re-announced by 2K — Rumor

  1. I hope this is better than xcom enemy unknown game that recently came out. If this fails as well then the movie’s name is getting slaughtered by fails.

  2. Not sure how i feel about this. I just think that shooters in general are/have become redundant. It could be good however, maybe if they adopt the Valkyria chronicles style of strategy/third person shooter it might interest me. But as it stands, you stick to 1 FPS and 1 third person shooter just because, if you’ve played one, you’ve played them all.


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