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Xbox One will have pre-order bonuses in delayed countries, want to ensure fans aren’t dissapointed

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Xbox One

Chris Lewis has told VG24/7 that the Xbox One will still have pre-order bonuses even in countries where the console has been delayed until 2014.

He said that he was “disappointed” and wanted to make sure that Xbox fans in the delayed countries won’t be when the console finally releases for them:

We want to bring optimised experiences wherever we launch, and that includes fully-localised dash, voice, all of the entertainment-out-of-the-box experience. All of that, in our view, has to be optimised at launch, and we felt that we weren’t able to bring all of that to all of those markets at launch, so that’s why we’ve narrowed down the launch country portfolio.

We will add goodness to pre-orders, to those who’ve pre-ordered, in a good way, and we’ll talk more about that as time rolls on.

It was confirmed last week that the Xbox One would be delayed across 8 different countries in Europe, including Denmark, Sweden and Russia. The good news however is that Xbox One games are region free and you can freely import a console from another country if you so desire.

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