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Xbox One SmartGlass app launches on iOS, Windows and Android devices on November 22

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Xbox SmartGlass_Windows 8_ Tablet TVMicrosoft has confirmed their companion app for Xbox One will release on the same day as the console – November 22. In a post on the on the Xbox News page, the Xbox Wire Staff mentioned the app will be available free Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android devices and will launch alongside the console.

The Smartglass app will allow you to perform a multitude of functions, and some gameplay seems to be enhanced with the extra screen such as Battlefield 4 and Dead Rising 3. At this point though, we’re not convinced mobile apps are much more than a gimmick.

From the Xbox News post:

You can use the Xbox SmartGlass app for Xbox One to stay connected with the Xbox Live community to check your Achievements and game progress, watch Game DVR clips and message your friends in the living room or on the go. Xbox SmartGlass can be used to navigate the Home screen, search, or browse the web. And, on Xbox One, Xbox SmartGlass displays game help and hints during gameplay and can support up to 16 devices at one time across your favorite games and entertainment. You can also search the entire Xbox catalog and pin content so it’s waiting for you when you turn on your console. The Xbox SmartGlass app is a free download for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android devices and will be available on Nov. 22.

By comparison, the PS4 app we have previously reported on, launches much earlier than the console, and performs a similar set of functions for mobile devices. We’re not sure which is the better approach here, but launching an app early will certainly build hype and anticipation for the console.

The P.E. Perspective: The last thing I want to do when I’m playing a game is take my hands off the keyboard (or controller in this case) or look away from the screen and reach for an iPad or something similar. I’ve yet to see any really meaningful integration of a mobile app with gaming yet – so I’ll just continue my skepticism for now…prove me wrong Microsoft/Sony. However, using an iPad to control the dashboard is something I’d probably do…like controlling an Apple TV with the Remote app on an iPad Mini.

Ah, I digress…

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