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Xbox One demo tour prematurely revealed by Microsoft

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Xbox One tour

An eagle-eyed NeoGAF user noted that Microsoft prematurely outed details of an Xbox One demo tour.

While the link to the tour’s online advertisement has been taken down, details were still revealed about the demo tour. It will make stops in 36 cities in the United States and Canada, and while the picture above shows the locations, no dates were shown. However, it can be safely assumed that the demo tour will take place before the Xbox One’s November 22 launch.

Here is what the online advertisement had to say:

Xbox One is hitting the road with four decked out Xbox One trucks. We’ll put a controller in your hands, a game on the screen and a spring in your step.

Before you ask, there is already a Twitter account for the tour, and we’re waiting official word on Microsoft.

Source: Polygon

One comment on “Xbox One demo tour prematurely revealed by Microsoft

  1. Get the hell out of here with your stupid demo tour and maybe start focussing on more urgent mathers like the delay of the xbox one in Holland, Belgium, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norwegian.


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