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Xbox Live and World of Warcraft users beware, the NSA is on the hunt

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Do you regularly play World of Warcraft? Have an Xbox console and participate in Xbox Live? Better watch your ass.

According to documents leaked by ex-NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and obtained by The Guardian, the NSA has been monitoring online gaming communities since 2008 and has even been sending actual agents to infiltrate online RPGs posing as players. We all know that’s where the real terrorists are, so they spared no expense in tracking down those pesky orcs.

Xbox Live users were also subject to the NSA’s all-seeing eye.

Not to anyone’s surprise, there was nothing to indicate any actual terrorists were caught in this top secret initiative. For its part, Blizzard Entertainment said it was completely unaware of any surveillance taking place in World of Warcraft and has never given permission for its users to be spied on.


  • Stephen Ynwa Blythe

    Microsoft have responded to the article I noticed it on another site, they say they had no knowledge of this either