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Why we still don’t have a review for Batman: Arkham Origins:Held up by game breaking bugs, your move, WB Games

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Pixel Enemy has been working hard to get through as much of Batman: Arkham Origins as possible so our review could be posted this week, but due to the technical issues we’ve previously reported on — we’ve been forced to hold off the review while we give WB Games a chance to release a patch and fix the damn thing.

Our review copy didn’t make it, but that didn’t stop me from purchasing my own copy for review as I am a huge fan of the original Arkham Asylum and the outstanding sequel Arkham City. When I first heard Rocksteady wasn’t part of the third title in the franchise, I was skeptical, particularly when combined with the fact that longtime caped crusader vocal actor Kevin Conroy wasn’t going to be part of the project. Nevertheless, I forged ahead and installed the game with high hopes for minimal disappointment.


To be completely honest, Arkham Origins doesn’t start out as interesting as Arkham Asylum or Arkham City does. If you have played through the first two, you’ll remember walking through the asylum while they load The Joker in, or being walked through the prison that has now become Arkham City as Bruce Wayne – the third installment doesn’t have anything like that and starts of rather slow.

However, the game picks up and once you get familiar with the mechanics and the assets which have been borrowed heavily from Arkham City, you can easily overlook the shortcomings and actually get into the game – which I did.

Until, that bloody Burnley Tower bug. Yup, that’s right…stuck hanging from a vent.


As a teacher, I’m often looking at work that needs assessment and grading and in situations where students haven’t completed the work, they tend to not get graded. A good teacher would give the student an opportunity to finish the work and submit it a little late — possibly penalizing them for the lateness, but expecting they would redeem themselves and produce something quality.

So, this is my teacher voice talking to you WB Games. Fix the mistake and submit it a little late for marking.


I’ll hold off the final mark while I wait for you to put out a patch, and no, I’m not playing through the game with glitches — I want your best work and I’m giving you the chance to work on it while I wait.

No penalty for reasonable lateness in this case, but I’ll certainly take it into consideration for future work.

Your move, WB.

  • http://aplaceforallmystuff.com/ Jim Christian

    As much as I want to love this game, the constant freeze ups when playing (especially just after completing an objective or levelling up) are making it a painful experience.

    C’mon, WB. It may be the game we want, but it’s the patch we need right now….

    • http://www.pixelenemy.com/ Rob Newberry

      I’m hoping they release a patch this weekend.