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Where is GTA V for PC and Next-Gen?

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Grand Theft Auto V is sure taking it’s time coming to PC and next-gen. Rockstar are developing something for the next generation consoles, but we don’t yet know what.

In this video I discuss the future of GTA V and ask what gamers would want from a next-gen release.

28 comments on “Where is GTA V for PC and Next-Gen?

  1. Well, we were promised heists to be sometime in spring, which means we
    BETTER be getting heists very soon. The online mode is incredibly boring
    now, with nothing to do but grind money, or have an all out deathmatch in
    free mode. People are seemingly completely avoiding all missions aside from
    Rooftop Rumble, and deathmatches, races, etc are becoming rare.

  2. I predict that Rockstar will milk us of all possible money. They released
    last gen, next will come current gen, and then a year later will come PC.
    My thinking is this: They get everybody buying last gen, because they want
    the game. They then release on PS4/XBO to get those who have upgraded, and
    PC gamers who want the better graphics. Then finally, once they believe
    that all who want the updated version have bought the current gen GTA,
    they’ll release on PC to get the PC gamers’ money.

  3. Well, few weeks or months ago there has been a leak, a video where someone
    showed the pause menu and went to graphics, showing also the resolution
    etc… like any PC games actually, so imo the PC version does exist, but
    they’re waiting to release all the online updates first

  4. Ill stick to watch dogs :) Its too late the hype is over for me seen many
    YouTube videos and its old news now but I will probably buy it when its on
    a huge sale or something not going to buy it full price though…

  5. I hope they are just working hard to make it even better, but i doubt it.
    Rockstar might stick to their guns this time, and not make a PC version
    because they hate piracy so much. Who knows?

  6. i feel r* is going to be releasing gta 5 next gen complete edition (with
    all dlc and the up to date gta online) and possible pc but it is unlikely
    because pc still hasn’t got red dead redemption

  7. Ofcourse we care for GTA V on PC. I mean I love Watch Dogs but the
    multiplayer is no where near fun as it will be on GTA V :) And I can see it
    coming for PC. From a devs perspective its easier to make the game and
    release it on the older platforms and then upgrade to better visuals and
    bug fixes and realease it for Next gen and PC. Makes sense.

  8. I would love to have GTA V on PC, but I honestly lost my faith in it… R*
    won’t release GTA V on PC due to their shitty ports and piracy on PC.

  9. I want GTA 5 for PC. I have it on 360 but I’d rather play it on my
    preferred platform

  10. It is mess up how gta v has not come out for pc players cause if my history
    gta is correct gta started on the pc so what is going on with rockstar
    maybe they do not want to deal with modders on pc

  11. I would say dont get your hopes up PC gamers, you wont be getting GTA 5
    anytime soon

  12. We all know it’s not going to happen. It’s made enough money for rockstar
    already. Its just gunna stay with those last gens like red dead redemption.

  13. I honestly couldn’t really care if there’s a PC version of GTA 5 anymore. I
    played it on PS3 and enjoyed it, but shinier graphics and the possibility
    of mod support isn’t enough to make me purchase the game again.

  14. I realy would love to have it on PC, got it on PS3 but it gets boring quick
    with no mods and fun stuff like that.

  15. ”We know a title is coming to the next gen platform”

    *looks at description for source*

    *Finds 200 links to channels*

  16. after trying it on xbox 360 I found that ::

    Well done beautiful, the story was turning the Ocean’s Eleven and very pleasant, the characters are as endearing as the other one, the environment is really SUPER and very well thought out because the fact of having only LOS SANTOS it leaves open for gta 6 and even 7 with the city of San Fierro and Las Venturas door (for those who play in san andreas) still work Rockstar Game that will not disappoint gamers :)


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