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“Vulnerable” – Battlefield Hardline montage murders to the music

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The talented GOML returns with well-timed music and even more well-timed shots.

Battlefield Hardline is getting the montage treatment today. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the 2-minute madness!

34 comments on ““Vulnerable” – Battlefield Hardline montage murders to the music

  1. There are only 12 clips? These lazy bf kids need to come up with something
    more than 2 minutes worth of footage.

  2. I don’t know why people keep doing these montages. They’re banal and show
    nothing new. Everyone could do that. And those FX, slow-mo and fast foward
    don’t make the video “cool”…

  3. It’s funny how the battlefield community made fun of call of duty for quick
    scoping and boring montages. And welll here we are with the same shit, a
    company that doesn’t care about the game and forces it’s release for money,
    bullshit montages, broken game, and a toxic/elitist community. Please tell
    me what’s the difference, Battlefield vets were right! They said letting
    the call of duty players in to battlefield will destroy the series.

  4. Pretty nice I would just recommend upping the red. As i see in the
    frostbite 3 engine the red is a bit washed out compared to other colors.
    Also, I would add some flares and a vignette or a radial blur on the edges

  5. Not usually a fan of these kinds of montages, but the editing was decent.
    Thanks for the upload!

  6. I still see the same bullshit in hard line that’s in bf4. They honestly
    need to make a realistic game. You just can’t quick scope and no scope in
    real life and it only takes 1 to 3 bullets to kill you. And you can’t
    launch yourself in a bike rigged with explosives.

  7. Is it just me or does the games graphics not look that good in this video.
    It was still a good vid.

  8. usually bitch ass snipers hide the fact that they are in fact BITCH ASS
    SNIPERS…not this guy though

  9. I thought this was cool. So fuck the haters way better than what i just
    posted.. lol

  10. Wow! A compilation of shitty music and shitty syncing! Good job on that!


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