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Uncharted: Top 10 Set Pieces — Go watch it now!

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“Set pieces” became a huge focus of action and adventure games this generation. Studios looking to break up the typically repetitive “run and gun” or “stop and pop” gameplay have strategically inserted massive and elaborate moments of raised intensity and cinematic flare to break up the pacing.

One studio lead the charge in creating these moments however, and raised the bar for what could be achieved on a cinematic level without relegating to cut-scenes or Quick-Time Events (QTEs). That studio was Naughty Dog, the studio behind the Uncharted franchise.

Uncharted has so many of these “set piece” moments, among them being sucked out of a crashing cargo plane, and surviving the collapse of a hotel under the siege of a relentless helicopter, that we had to put together our favorites in an epic top 10 list.

Which set piece will take number 1 on the list, and for what reasons? Watch the video to find out.

Do you agree with our choices? If not, what moments in the franchise would be your top 10?

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