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UK law firm on Battlefield 4 lawsuit: This is a problematic case

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UK law firm Sheridans has said that the class action lawsuit filed against EA over Battlefield 4 “doesn’t look good” and that it’s a “problematic case”. The company was taken to court for allegedly releasing “materially false and misleading statements” regarding the title, which resulted in investors losing out when it appeared that Battlefield 4 was marred by issues.

Speaking to The Guardian, Sheridans’ Alex Tutty said:

This is a problematic case, and it doesn’t look good for EA, simply from a PR point of view. Looking at the fact as presented by Robbins, Geller, Rudman and Dowd, there does seem to be a case to answer. However, we’ve only seen one side of the argument. Companies do give this sort of guidance, and it is important to be accurate, but it is just guidance based on what they know at the time. You’d have to prove that they knowingly gave false information, and it would be difficult to know about all the bugs that would crop up on the PlayStation 4 version. EA can probably produce a lot of evidence to suggest they didn’t perceive the extent of the problem, or didn’t have sight of it until after launch.

Tutty has a point. This isn’t a simple open and shut case, but one that can negatively impact EA at a time when its customers aren’t exactly happy either. It should be noted that the publisher has denied the allegations, as expected, and will defend itself against them.

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