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Ubisoft’s ‘The Fighter Within’ appears on voice actress’s profile, could be the IP set to be revealed at Gamescom

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Earlier today, news broke out that Ubisoft had registered domain names for an unannounced project called ‘Fighter Within‘. A link on Ubisoft’s official website, Fighter-within.ubi.com, was also discovered alongside Fighter-Within.com and FighterWithinGame.com.

Currently, the official link says, “COMING SOON” but it didn’t stop people from speculating that this could potentially be the new IP that the company planned to reveal at Gamescom. Ubisoft said earlier this month that it will share details of a new next-gen IP at the event.

It seems that a voice actress by the name of Kaycie Chase may just have confirmed the rumor. Her Linkedin profile clearly states that she worked with Ubisoft on a title called The Fighter Within. Chase is a dubbing artist and voice over actress (English and French), a singer, songwriter, and a comedian, according to her profile.

We’ll share more details as this story develops. Do keep an eye out on our website for all the latest during Gamescom.

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