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Trade in your PS3 at Gamestop, get the Xbox One cheaper

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Quite a short post while we dig for details, NeoGAF user Dennis has said that he saw a promotion Gamestop which is encouraging you to trade in your PlayStation 3, to get the Xbox One cheaper.

There’s no mention of trading in your Xbox 360, we’re currently chasing up Gamestop for details.

5 comments on “Trade in your PS3 at Gamestop, get the Xbox One cheaper

  1. Umm this is not story worthy…. Gs is running a Promo where any console trade will get you a bonus double the worth in credit, which in turn can be traded toward any new console… thus making it cheaper…. doesnt matter what console you trade, and what new console you trade it toward….

  2. lmao that’s hilarious, but I get why they’re doing that. After what Sony pulled at E3, I get it.

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