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Tomb Raider developers searching for multiplayer designer to work from the “ground up”

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tombraiderCrystal Dynamics, developers of five Tomb Raider games including the latest, are looking to hire a new multiplayer designer. An individual who will work with the “development team to develop a unique online experience.”

The position summary lists the job requirements as the following:

  • Concept, design and implement multiplayer game systems from the ground up
  • Lead and manage other developers on the team. Serve as a champion for online game components at the studio.
  • Work with other Designers to ensure successful integration of game play systems into the game
  • Broad based understanding about what makes multiplayer levels and systems fun
  • Ability to design and develop multiplayer systems design from concept to finished product
  • Strong math and balancing skills
  • Ability to communicate and present complex interactive/social game systems
  • Experience working on multiplayer systems for highly rated (AAA) action-adventure titles or 3rd person shooter titles

What exactly are Crystal Dynamics up to? Well, the job posting does describe working on AAA titles, as well as “action-adventure” and “third-person shooters”.

With the multiplayer in this year’s Tomb Raider game being a disappointment for most, perhaps that is going to be the focus for this new designer.

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