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Tomb Raider Definitive Edition will be native 1080p on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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The recently announced next-gen version of the latest Tomb Raider game will be making its way to both next-gen consoles in a native 1080p resolution, at least judging by what has been said on the Xbox Twitter and PlayStation US Blog.

Scot Amos, the executive producer at Crystal Dynamics spoke on the PlayStation US Blog about some of the changes that they made to the graphical side of things to bring up to the next-gen standard that is being set at the minute.

He said that getting the game to run at a native 1080p resolution required them to increase all of their texture resolutions by over 4x so that all the details and nuances can be seen in their full glory.

They also added in more sophisticated physics modelling which means the island of Yamatai is more alive. The foliage bends as Lara pushes past it, trees whip in the wind and even cloth moves. Weather effects lash the island with unprecedented levels of venom, and rain particles are dynamically lit as they slice through piercing searchlights. The in-game cast has also enjoyed an upgrade — characters and enemies alike have been enhanced visually, while in-game destructibility has been given additional refinement to increase the sense that you are leaving a mark on this world.

The power of the next-gen consoles has also allowed them to craft brand new face and head models for Lara. There is also drastically improved shader and lighting effects, adding dynamic sweat, mud, and even blood for a new level of visual acuity that reacts on Lara in different situations. To finish things off, they even add in the PC version of her hair, using TressFX technology.

Anyone here looking forward to seeing how this game looks and handles on the new consoles? It is certainly worth replaying, that is for sure.

Source: Xbox Twitter, PlayStation US Blog via NeoGAF

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    Better graphics are never a bad thing.