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Tom Clancy’s The Division gameplay features smooth action & gorgeous visuals

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Tom Clancy’s The Division is anticipated by many, and with good reason. Check out the gameplay footage above, and witness the visual fitness, as well as the satisfying cooperative play.

The game is set to release in 2015; so we have a little while to wait yet!

For more full HD trailers and gameplay from E3 2014, check out our playlist by clicking here!

25 comments on “Tom Clancy’s The Division gameplay features smooth action & gorgeous visuals

  1. Graphics still good, but funny that it now looks really pixelated. Hope
    these Aliasing artefacts are there, because its console footage.

  2. i dont like these voices… meant to be like they’re playing but they treat
    it as if it’s real life…

  3. if this does the same as watch dogs and dissapoint everyone i’m going to
    kill someone

  4. The voice acting shows no emotion at all, they might as well be in the pub
    talking bout their day for the about of emotion put into the delivery, it
    is fucking awful

  5. Is this game only like play with your friends? What if i dont have any :(
    Or maybe i just dont wanna talk and just play the fucking game in peace? I
    souldnt get it then? Same shit with destiny aswell. What the fuck man!

  6. By seeing the Watch Dogs on trailers and now playing it, I now know that
    graphics on Division trailers are boosted. I wont buy this game, until I
    will see the REAL gameplay and read some reviews.

  7. The dialog is booty. Sounds like the world built is imagination. Speaking
    of imagination they should have the voice of behr grills, Morgan Freeman
    and Emma Watson maybe and actor movielike.

  8. Are those real player or sisebots coz in real life if ant player dont see
    you and you are all covered and shit you shoot their ass not talk burmt
    silent mode how to take out that guy or someone do something?

  9. Expecting some watered down shite like what happened to Watch_Dogs, but
    it’s still ballin’ hard

  10. Excuse me Mr The Division, but I feel like I should tell you that my
    friends do not and never will chat like that.


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