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Third time lucky: another class action lawsuit filed against EA over Battlefield 4

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A third law firm is in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against EA over Battlefield 4. Bower Piven has filed the lawsuit  in US District Court, Northern California, over common stock losses greater than $200,000.

Bower Piven has cited the same reasons for the lawsuit as the other two firms, one of which we reported yesterday. It is alleged that EA officials violated the Securities Exchange Act by not disclosing all the bugs, glitches, and connectivity issues issues that DICE’s new Battlefield title was facing. Do note, however, that the lawsuit isn’t filed on behalf of consumers, rather investors who are losing out due to the game’s issues.

It’s truly a shame that it had to come down to this.

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    Maybe EA can learn a lesson from all of this…..When a Dev asks for more time (esp a dev as experienced as DICE) you need to listen to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fernando Gómez

    EA had the opportunity to make Battlefield 4 an incredible game, but now, I’m not sure if the game have more bugs or more action lawsauits against it.