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The Last of Us creators explain why subhuman characters aren’t called zombies, defend cinematic games

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It’s hardly surprising that a lot of people wondered why the subhuman characters in the The Last of Us weren’t just called zombies. I actually wondered about that myself. After all, the creators have mentioned before that they were inspired by The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later.

Creative director Neil Druckmann explained that the game’s creators considered zombies to be “walking, dead people, coming back to life.” But The Last of Us revolves around the disease that people were infected by. “Honestly it’s one of those things where sometimes we say ‘post-pandemic’ to not say post-apocalyptic, but it doesn’t matter,” he said.

Another criticism that the creators were asked to address was that of the cinematic aspect of the game. Apparently, people criticized The Last of Us because it was more of a movie to them than a game. In response to this, Druckmann said that the implication that such games would work better as films is something he strongly disagrees with because there are certain sequences which wouldn’t be effective in a passive medium.

Game director Bruce Straley chimed in by saying, “How many games are there that truly tell the sorts of emotional stories that Naughty Dog is known for, inside of a completely open-ended world? I don’t know. I’m trying to think of a game where [that happens].”

Enough said.

Source: Kotaku (warning: contains spoilers)

8 comments on “The Last of Us creators explain why subhuman characters aren’t called zombies, defend cinematic games

  1. i kinda like the cinematic aspects of games, as long as they’re interesting/epic and not just fluff to make a game longer.

  2. Have to be cool by trying to come up with lame “criticism” questions. to a game that is considered game of a generation. ND in now way needs to explain themselves.

  3. Is Bruce is implying that The Last of Us takes place in a “completely open-ended world”? If so I think that would be a bit much. It’s a good game and everything but it’s about an far away from open-ended as you can get. There is literally one ending to the game and the environment you play in isn’t an open world.

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