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Take a tour of the Minecraft offices with Mojang Cribs

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originalTeam Mojang released a short video showing off their new digs today. Hosted by Mojang CEO Carl Manneh and fashioned after the MTV Cribs series, the 3:45 clip shows off some the new Stockholm offices of the Minecraft crew, including a pretty cool kitchen (stocked with Red Bull no less), a pinball machine, pool table, a gaming room that looks pretty chilled and…oh yeah, office space with desks.

One thing that stands out in the video is the way the team took old paintings and photoshopped their faces onto them, then shipped them to China to be painted and framed. I suppose when you have sold 16 million copies of your game you are entitled to spend your money any which way you can.

(Personally, I liked the old office better…I don’t think I would get any work done in the new office.)

Note: We’ve sent our floor plans to Editor in Chief Alex Co and will hopefully be seeing the new Pixel Enemy offices taking shape in a similar way very soon.

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