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Submit your Arma 3 questions for Bohemia Interactive, get to win Alpha Lite keys, too!

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Earlier today, Bohemia Interactive emailed us a TON of Arma 3 Alpha Lite codes. While we could give these away willy-nilly over on Twitter, we thought it would be best to let the “real” Arma 3 fans get first crack at it.

So, how do you win one? Simple. Just post a comment saying why you deserve one and we’ll email the best ones with a key! Yep, it’s that easy and we have 50 of these keys to give out to commenters.

However, we’re not done there. Bohemia Interactive has also agreed to answer a few fan questions! For obvious reasons, we can’t submit every question sent to us, but we’ll pick the best ones and send it their way. So make it count! And before you ask, yes, you can submit one comment as an entry and type the question in the same post but just, y’know, separate ‘em.

For those who follow us religiously over on Twitter, just use the hash-tag #PEArma3QA and type in your question for it to be considered.

Get crackin’, Arma 3 fans!

  • Adedade

    I don’t realy want a key, but i know some one who do, so if i win i will give my key to my awesome friend :)

  • William Fabian

    When will we be able to see jets added? And when will dedicated Armory be added from you guys at Bohemia?


  • Juan

    A key would be awesome!

  • EM2000

    How awesome would the game be?

  • Sani Gad

    I honestly haven’t tried any Arma game before except using the DayZ mod, so I find this an opportunity for me to get into it : )

  • blazzingkiller

    Are you going to add more maps and expantion packes after the full game launches?

  • milosh

    How big are the maps? Like the last game or bigger?

  • LinktersHaZe

    What inspired you to make a sequel to Arma 2?
    I would like a code because I have wanted to play Arma 3 since it came out. With the optimazations fixed it would be lovely to play this game.

  • Carc3r

    I need to check this game out! :) Will it be a harsch swap from games like BF3 to Arma3?

  • Svet

    Do we need good PS to run it?

  • Svet


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/JolleWard1 jolleward1

    why will this game be so awesome? and you are you guys so awesome :D!?

  • Kalleduck

    Will there be much support for mods?

  • Kalleduck

    I want to see how the game has improved from arma 2 and how well the game will run on my current setup :P

  • David Marshall

    Will you be doing a Xbox/ps4 version?

  • https://twitter.com/Cyanyde420 Cyanyde

    Will you be optimizing the fps issues that a large majority of people are having?
    Will you improve enemy AI?
    Will there be improved support for live-streaming? (ie. hidden hud elements to avoid stream-snipers)

  • Devilica

    I’m not good at these kinds of stuff but I would love to get a key to play Arma 3 Alpha , I want to get a little glimpse of how DayZ standalone engine would be like before buying it but I might just end up buying DayZ anyway :)!

    Question I would ask is already asked here in the comments but here goes:

    Will Arma 3 be well optimized for lower end PC specs and let the game still look good at medium or low graphic settings with a decent amount of framerate?

  • http://pixelenemy.com Alex Co

    Guys, we’ll be sending the Alpha Lite keys throughout the week so check your inbox. If we can’t email it, I’ll ping ya here. :)

  • zilve

    I should get the key because some guy pickpocketed my yesterday.

  • Sam gee

    How many new vehicles and features are there going to be in the full version? I first bought arma 2 for day z but i play co op all the time with friends now and always have a blast xD

    • http://pixelenemy.com Alex Co

      Not sure, but do you want a key? :)

      • Sam gee

        Yes so so much haha :)

  • http://www.nigerialocalnews.com whois

    i would greatly appreciate it if you give me one alma lite key

  • Pilot

    I don’t need a Lite key, but here’s a question:

    How are you guys doing on extra content? I know there’s plenty of bug fixes to keep you busy, but any jets or tanks in the making? Any teaser images (or videos) for those? And how close are we to Beta?

    Really amazing job on the Alpha by the way, infinitely entertaining thanks to the editor (and the secret 3D one)

  • Neko

    What would be the next step in the evolution military simulation video games ??

    And I should win a key because it would be a great opportunity to experience combat tecniques

  • Shayaan

    How big is the planned variety of weapons for infantry? Tanks? Jets? etc.?

    • Shayaan

      Quick note, no key please, already have the game!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/JolleWard1 jolleward1

    so here is my serious questions. How will be gameplay be optimized how well? how will it be with vehicles? how big will the map be? and what are the minimum specs? As i like to upload maxed out gameplay videos on my youtube channel, it would be nice to know.

    Thank you for answers :)!

  • Keegan

    Hey! I’ve been a massive fan of ArmA 2 and DayZ, and I’d love to see how my PC handles on ArmA 3 as I’ve gathered, it’s quite power hungry. That key will not go to waste! D: (Plus I kinda comment n’ stuff, I guess that counts for something? :P)

  • owen

    I have yet to actually play any armas, but i have watched countless hours on youtube, very interested on getting some hands on experience.

    Ill ask the question everyone wants to ask, when are the dinosaurs gonna b added in the full game?

  • sam gee

    ive already commented but here is another question ,when did bohemia start production on arma 3? i want also because i love the style of arma series being more of a combat simulator.

  • theo

    i would love to get a Key, I’m a big Fan of the Arma and the Operation Flashpoint Series, but at the moment I’m really in Money Trouble (sry for my bad English) so i can’t really afford new games :(
    hope i get one :)

  • gal lari

    I Would really want to get a key for the game , i’m a huge fan of all the Arma games but i dont have alot of money so a cant really get the game… :/
    i would really want one,it would make me very happy :)