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Steam reaches 7.6 million concurrent users, sets new record

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Over 7.6 million of Steam’s 65 million users logged in yesterday, Dec. 29, setting a new record for the service’s peak concurrent usage. This is a noticeable increase from the 7 million users that were recorded over this year’s Thanksgiving holiday weekend, as well as the high of 6 million from 2012.

The latest data is provided from Valve’s Steam Statistics page, which revealed that the exact peak figure was 7,678,758 when it was recorded at noon yesterday.

Valve’s free-to-play title Dota 2 is the most popular game on Steam, showcasing over 538,000 users playing the game earlier this morning when the statistics were checked. Following closely in popularity is Left 4 Dead 2, which was available as a free download on Christmas and showcased over 75,000 users playing the game earlier this morning.

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