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Square Enix accidentally sells exclusive costume, apologizes

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Final Fantasy fans were distraught to find that Square Enix have accidentally broken exclusivity of a Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns bonus costume.

The bonus is a Aerith costume for Lightning, which was originally intended only for Japanese gamers who grabbed the V Jump Strategy Game Guide. Once they noticed that they had released the costume for sale on the marketplace they pulled it, along with Yuna’s costume and Cloud’s costume. These two tweets were posted:

“A notification and apology for Aerith’s costume from Final Fantasy VII. We’re reporting the circumstances about the the interruption of the sale of this DLC on Friday, December 20th. This DLC was available as an exclusive bonus to be released with a publication by Shueisha, but has been sold due to our mistake.”

“About this matter we apologize for the inconvenience to everyone and more than anything to our customers and to Shueisha. We will resume today the distribution of Cloud’s costume from Final Fantasy VII and Yuna’s from Final Fantasy X. We apologize to everyone that was waiting for the DLC.”

It’s no surprise people were annoyed with this mishap, but it makes me wonder how often this could happen, maybe they should just not do exclusives like this?

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  • http://www.ign.com/blogs/MichaelStevens Michael Stevens

    Japan-only? Fuck you, Square. For real.