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Sony Worldwide Studios boss’ favorite “feature” of the PS4 is “support for indie games”

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If you ask someone from Sony, Microsoft of Nintendo what’s their favorite feature of their console (or upcoming ones), chances are they’ll list its input method, graphical capabilities or something of the sort.

Well, don’t lump Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida in that lot. Over on Twitter, Yoshida was asked by a fan what his favorite feature of the PlayStation 4 was and here’s what he had to say:

Yep, you read that right. Yoshida didn’t say it’s the PS4’s 8GB of RAM, or the redesigned DualShock controller; he lists support for indie games as his favorite “feature.” Alright. Maybe calling it a “feature” is a misnomer, but given the PS4 already has an impressive lineup of indie games slated to come to the console, we’ll let that one slide.

What’s your favorite known feature of the PS4? Also, what do you think of Sony’s push for indie games on its next-gen console?

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One comment on “Sony Worldwide Studios boss’ favorite “feature” of the PS4 is “support for indie games”

  1. I really hope we get as many pc games as possible. After all the PS4 is a re-done PC which would make sense.. I seriously hope to see tons of games on it and maybe even Steam on it if the steam box would end up not coming out.


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