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Sony finished with God of War: Ascension, moving to other projects

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GOWAReleased during March of this year, God of War: Ascension was a prequel that brought a new multiplayer component to the franchise. Since its release, the game has had continued support from the developers, with multiplayer DLC keeping the experience fresh.

Now it is time for the developers to move on, with Sony Santa Monica progressing onto a different unspecified title.

However, before the support of the game ends, the developers will implement a final title update focusing on “balance improvements” and tuning up “all the Allegiances”. The update will hit PlayStation 3 consoles this month.

Sony Santa Monica have had a good run with God of War: Ascension, as community strategist Aaron Kaufman reminds us:

… We have supported Multiplayer with a vast amount of DLC – from new weapons and maps, to our brutal 1v1 mode, a fan-driven cape contest, new marks, and more.

God of War: Ascension will be launching as a PlayStation Store digital download on October 15th in the US. Keep a look out for the DLC too at this time, as it will be discounted in celebration of the digital release.

Also, there will be a Double XP Weekend from October 18 – 21.

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