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Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg approached multiple times by Sony to write Uncharted film

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Uncharted 3

According to Seth Rogen, he and Evan Goldberg have been repeatedly asked by Sony to write the Uncharted film:

They’re constantly asking me and Evan to make the Uncharted movie.

Goldberg further confirmed that they have been approached multiple times in the last four years, but declined the offer because they can’t think of a way to give the film proper treatment:

It’s just going to be Indiana Jones. If we could figure out a way to make it not Indiana Jones, it’d be awesome.

Rogen recently wrote This Is The End, which you should all see. Do you think about Rogen and Goldberg could be a good fit for Uncharted?

Source: IGN

  • Jeremy Morrow

    I like that they didn’t just jump at it because they love video games and fat cheques. At least they know up front that they don’t have the idea that would make it work. I appreciate their honesty.

  • Ginger

    It would be really funny (I just saw This is the End) but yeah they wouldn’t nail the serious parts of the game.