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Rumour: Witcher 3 details leaked

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German gaming forum World of Players have released details of the Witcher 3, but they don’t credit a source – or at least from what we can see.

  • 36 final states of the world and 3 epilogues 1 hour each.
  • you can import your save game, it won’t change the back story of the game but will affect minor characters.
  • you can buy horses or tame a wild horses by using Axii
  • Geralt will be much more agile. Now he can jump and climb wherever he wants.
  • a wild animals will appear. Geralt may hunt them and take their furs, claws etc.
  • The main main story mission is 50 hours long, and the side missions are another 50 making this game around 100 hours long.
  • If you’re caught stealing you’ll have the guards called on you.
  • There’s a new mechanic which allows you to aim at the a particular part of an enemy’s body.
  • The level cap is set to 60
  • PC and console versions have completely different user interface
  • You gain experience points only by completing quests, hunting will provide you money and crafting materials
  • There are two new minigames: axe trowing and card games
  • Geralt’s loot will sell for more or less depending on the region, so comparing prices is a good idea.

These all seem like things that are not just possible, but probable. Although how would they transfer a save over to next generation consoles? If we’re lucky, then this will be a feature.

That would put fears to rest about Xbox Live Arcade Games becoming trials when/ if the new Xbox is released.