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Pixel Post #1 — Battleships in Battlefield 4?

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Pixel Enemy producer ProdigioPete is here with a brand new series!

Today he’s looking at the community’s suggestions on what could be added to Battlefield to make it a better experience.

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65 comments on “Pixel Post #1 — Battleships in Battlefield 4?

  1. Pete, What do you think about DICE adding the camo on your gun to the
    scope/sight you have equipped? I think it would improve how the guns look
    and it wouldn’t take long to add to the game. Also, how about knife camos
    to make your knife more unique. I won’t be offended if you think these are
    bad ideas because it’s just what I thought would be good.

  2. Also I don’t like the idea of getting into a vehicle animation because,
    while it would add immersion it would take away from the gameplay.

    Imagine getting into a tank in the middle of a battle. You’d have to climb
    on to the tank and then have to spend some time opening the hatch before
    jumping in.
    This essentially makes you sniper fodder. No one would have a chance to
    jump in the tank because you would be to exposed for to long. You’re
    putting your self in a situation where everyone can spot you while also
    giving them time to line up their sights.

    So no. Vehicle entering animation is a bad idea I think, but I guess it
    could if done right. Not sure how though.

  3. What do you think about the current form of the DEagle? I feel like it is a
    very overpowered hand cannon and easily outranks the .44 and any other hand

  4. if anything customization for soldiers like shirts hats and armor
    variations would be cool, and maybe even a gander and race customizer,
    earning these in battlepacks, also keeping it a military realistic
    customization, no t-shirts or flip flops, although it would be funny.

  5. Pete, what about a bonus when you pull of a certain kind of action, like
    a rendezook, a TV Missle on helicopter etc.

  6. Why the fuck are you talking about what things should be added to
    Battlefield 4? DICE need to work on Hardline and getting that smoothed out
    as it is already been delayed for 2015…

  7. What about an amount of parachuts like 2 per life and get it back from ammo
    box it would be more real and tactic

  8. While it wouldn’t work for BF4, Fastroping would be a great addition for
    Hardline, especially since Viseral said they were going to be removing the
    ability for every soldier to have access to a parachute.

  9. “I don’t think they use battleships in modern military.”

    Because the modern militaries of today are well known for their use of
    jihad jeeps

  10. Player cosmetic customization … that is all I want. This could be things
    like race/colour, hair, etc and also like it was in BF3 were you could
    choose the camo colour for your fatigues to suit the map environment.

  11. Bring naval warfare back to Bf like in 1942 and i’ll buy it, not this
    shitty plain deathmatch stuff though.

  12. they stopped using battleships after the 1st gulf war, its either
    destroyers or cruisers, and subs.

    Battleships are too expensive to maintain, so they’ve been phased out of
    the navies in the world.

  13. Seriously? Camos for mines and rockets? Cmon, we all due respect, we don’t
    need that. Like somebody already suggested, what about soldier appearance
    customization, like hats, helmets, boots, trousers, skin colour and so on.
    But at the same time, you need to make sure that it won’t get too far with
    it, because you need to tell the difference between an Assault class and
    Support class or whatever. You get the idea

  14. +Prodigio Pete please read that comment:
    -What do you think about a map editor in Battlefield?

    -i think the weapon customization is still not enough. i’ll like if they
    add some 2.0x scopes,the FMJ bullets (maybe only unlockable with a
    Battlepack),double mags,extended mags…and why can’t i select
    Magnifier+Laser sight?they need to delete the fire selector to add a button
    for the second attachment,but who cares of the fire selector…

    -in BF there isn’t a walking animation (weapon lowered,badass
    step….)…why can’t they add one?

    -procedural destruction?

    -it will be cool if, when a teammate is wounded, i can carry him to a
    safety position and then wrap him….naturally i want an animation…

    -what do you think about a new game mode,32 vs 32,no respawn,no vehicles
    except light vehicles like HUMVEE,MRAP…

  15. The reason why vehicles do not have a animation is because if you wanted to
    repair your tank.you would have let the animation run though then repair
    the tank which while the animation is happening you could be killed which
    will annoy players so that’s why vehicles do not have an animation

  16. For battleships there is only one to my knowledge that is still active.
    It’s I think the USS Mississippi about 80 or so years old. It’s from WWII.
    More of a display of power then anything now

  17. Storm map – just like the singleplayer mission where there was tropical
    storm ,big whaves and thunders and etc – we need that in multiplayer.It is
    not enough as a Levolution on Paracel Storm – We need whole round fight
    into storm.

  18. Battleships are making a comeback because they run on Diesel an generally
    don’t require than many electronics (precaution for emp)

  19. How about different types of parachutes in game? Or customizing your
    soldiers appearance? Or even a triple team tdm, conquest or rush? Big teams
    too, none of that squad tdm shit

  20. The final question does have a simple answer, rage. The player could be
    killed during the animation like when someone dies being knifed and then
    the community would get mad again, sometimes you have to sacrifice
    immersion for gameplay.

  21. And yet there is a rediculous notion that two aircraft carriers are on
    opposing sides of a next gen bf4 game map static. What game have you been
    playing. gtfo dude. Bf4 has tanks without a stablised main gun, a
    technology of post ww2 cold war era tanks. However I think the USS New
    Jersey a ww2 relic lined up in the first gulf war (correct me if I am
    wrong). Or isn’t that modern enough..

  22. I want more different types of reflex sights, like the Aimpoint or the MARS
    sights. And also, I want 6x scopes back for ARs and DMRs.

  23. I would include a Destroyer in battlefiled… like a 8 man crew, 1 driver,
    2 gunner on each side with 50 cal, 1 who fire missile (tow or tv or
    else…) 1 who would control a radar to help the driver and gunner, and 1
    who like the attack boat could sit at the back and repair , gun or shoot
    rocket… but it would be a much smaller version of a destroyer but biger
    than the attack boat

  24. SEALS insert however they need to whether it’s boat, parachute, or helo and
    car or truck. But in Battlefield since it’s Marines it would be Force

  25. How about extended Commander abilities, instead of the gimmicky sort of
    feel it has? Like calling off-map A-10 strafes that actually do damage in
    the line you choose? Mortar strikes with smoke? Droppable power weapons
    like RAWR or AMR-2? Maybe the commander can spawn a “convoy” that has a
    variety of extra vehicles (i.e. a tank, some transports etc.) players can
    queue into and once it has enough players queued, it spawns somewhere off
    to the side and the game controls the vehicle into the playable area, and
    once in it, the players have control? The commander has so much potential
    and I would like to see it expanded upon.

    Oh, and an idea for a game mode: This can be like a single flag CTF mode,
    but the objective will be a kidnap the enemy’s commander. Teams will spawn
    on opposite sides of the map (obviously) and there may be 1 Conquest style
    flag for the team to capture, but if the attackers capture it, then the
    defenders can no longer capture them. That way the attackers have a close
    spawn to the commander who is in the back of the map with full access to
    his abilities, but that some can be disabled by the attackers receiving
    random objectives that spawn off to the side like “go destroy this single
    MCOM to cripple the commander’s UAV capabilities, etc” but each having a
    different/random effect. The commander only has access to limited
    equipment, like PLD(for gadget), a carbine, and and a sidearm, nothing
    else. The commander is captured by a special takedown similar to the
    beatdowns in BF:Hardline, where is can be maybe carried by a soldier and
    can’t use anything. If the soldier is killed then maybe the commander can
    use his pistol and knife. If the enemy takes him back to base then they
    win. There’s a lot of things that may be problems but if this is ever
    considered then I’m sure DICE can sort it out. Like if you shoot the
    commander, you have an extended period of time to revive him, but the
    enemies can still transport him. If not, he respawns close to the battle so
    it will be fair

  26. Surival co-op mode where Dreamworks plan to make sure peace is kept results
    in a terrorist attack on the US Army. They strike buildings and monuments,
    for example. Maps set in Europe, for know in Iceland they creating a
    mounment. Maybe call it Future Burial. Somewhere set in Paris. The UK could
    be affected aswell. Could it be Germany? Just a idea.

  27. +Prodigio Pete, what do you think about having the SUSAT scope exclusive to
    only the SA80 weapons? Also what do you think about suppressors on

  28. What about Battlefield 1942? There weren’t any mortars, but Howitzers,
    Battleships, and Destroyers that could fire across the map and nobody
    complained about that, and their destruction capabilities are far greater
    then a mortar.

  29. Off the top of my head

    1.maps that can be played during night or day

    2.more gamemodes

    3.stronger melee attack good example moh:warfighter

    4.Bot mode for practice like in older bf games

    5.I’m a 8th gen player but for 7th gen at least 30-32 players would be cool.

  30. How about the option for serverowners to choose different parts of maps
    when playing tdm, domination and that stuff. These would just be preset by
    Dice (so they cant be weird like closing of parts of the map) i think it
    would add more diffirent gameplays but it wouldnt be that hard to implement
    sinve the map is already there. This is mostly wanted by me to get certain
    points of maps on tdm. For example, the metro part in siege of shanghai
    would be a great tdm map. Aswell as the parking area, or maybe even the top
    of the skyscraper. Let me know what you think :)

  31. What if a Battleship was like a mobile spawn point that didn’t have any
    weapons on it? You could keep moving it up as your team advances, and you’d
    have to place it strategically or get spawn killed. The spawn killing would
    happen less often since this would be the main spawn for the team. The team
    could vote a driver of the Battleship out of it if they weren’t doing a
    good job. Think sundy/mobile building with no guns and for the whole team.

    – Cameron

  32. Why dont the make it to where you can go through every room every building
    and even open and close doors on battlefield I feel on bf4 on the map
    Shanghai since you are only either at the vary top or vary bottom and you
    got all that unused space that you could set up anti air teams through out
    the building to take out in coming heli teams I know it would make it
    harder to escape the building but I think it makes it as more of a balanced
    and also the abilty to grapple out the side of a heli where you are hanging
    off the side of the heli with a sniper where you you can get in a floor
    where a sniper team is holding out at from behind I know it would be useful
    to do it and help out on some of the maps

  33. What if they make the Battleships like 1942? And what if you could not only
    personalize mines but upgrade them

  34. I would like to see back a two seated plane like the f15 in Battlefield 2,
    I think it would be awesome, especially when you play with your friends.The
    return of unguided bombs could be good too I think.

  35. I think you should be able to hang from the rope/rope ladder with one hand
    and shoot with the other. When you are shooting from a heli you don’t have
    much of a line of sight so it’s a bad idea, but if you are hanging from a
    rope you will have a 360 degree line of sight, but the drawback would be
    you would be an easy target and have decreased accuracy. What do you think?

  36. Pete this is what i want to see like in BF1942 A Navy Battle with the teams
    is more like Battleship. Each team has a battleship a destroyer a
    submarine. the objective is to take control of the enemy battleships are
    destroy it. And the ships can be controlled by the players so you can move
    them and hide. All out Vehicle War Mayhem.

  37. Battleships are no longer used in the navy. As OP as thay where in WW2 with
    there massive guns and air defense weaponry in today’s world now a little
    destroyer can launch an anti ship missile from over the horizon and sink
    the fat behemoth without so much as breaking a sweat.

  38. Not sure if mentioned, but the ability to lock randoms out of vechiles.
    Theres always a random sitting in tank,boat,chopper not repairing or
    helping out or better yet just spamming the machine guns!

  39. All the Battleships are retired, it’s mostly formed of Carriers,
    Battleships, and smaller vessels like minesweepers

  40. I agree with all the opinions to the ideas, I still think bad company 2 is
    better than bf3 and bf4

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