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Ouya to get white holiday themed console, includes double the internal storage

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Following on from the announcement that the Ouya 2.0 would be releasing in 2014, it has been revealed today that the console will be getting a white holiday themed release, complete with double the internal storage.

The internal storage will be 16GB instead of the usual 8GB and the entire console will be white. The holiday themed Ouya will be limited to customers in North America and will be priced at $129.99 instead of the usual $99.99.

For those of you that are  looking to pick up the holiday themed Ouya then you can do so via the console’s official website.

I’m not sure exactly why they felt the need to release a “holiday themed” console, couldn’t they have just released it as a new 16GB version? I suppose it makes it more of a sought after item or something I suppose. Anyone here interested in picking this up or have you already got an Ouya?

Source: GameSpot

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