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Origin is a service, not a drive for transactions say EA

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Executive Vice President of EA, Andrew Wilson has reaffirmed that Origin, EA’s digital game shop is a service and not just a way of hammering customers into performing transactions. GamesIndustry.biz has discovered during an interview with Wilson.

“I think when I look at the journey that service has taken, I think the transaction component of that service has taken a disproportionate amount of the communication and mindshare of what we really try and provide, and the barrier that that puts in between you and the game that you want to play.”

Wilson added:

“let’s put Origin front and center due to the perception that we were trying to drive the transaction, and where we are today is Origin is really only there to help your games be better, more seamless, and more fun, and allow you to play them with your friends more easily.”

How do you feel about this? To me, Origin has always been that annoying loop that I have to jump through to get my games. And to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if EA admitted it was to drive transactions, that’s what a company does, earns money. It’s an interesting move, and the whole interview is well worth a read.

3 comments on “Origin is a service, not a drive for transactions say EA

  1. So by forcing us to abandon our already established accounts with services like steam and the such and also abandoning out already established friends lists to start a new account and new friends list with them…they think they are helping to make out experience more seamless….

    I’ve never minded Origin to be honest, adding a few more clicks and buttons to push doesn’t bother me, but when they try to spin it like this….it just looks like they think we are all idiots or something.

  2. It’s like this: I use Steam and so do all the other PC gamers. Origin isn’t, and they look ridiculous. So does Ubisoft. So did Games for Windows Live. Are they even around still? I have no idea because I’m too busy using Steam. Look, that’s just the way it is and everybody else should just give up. I’m looking at you too Blizzard. I mean just let me buy StarCraft Heart of the Swarm through Steam. I’ll still use your launcher, it’s all good. Just at least let us buy your games through a single point of purchase. I completely agree with Michael. They think we’re all idiots or something.

  3. Origin has been around for a couple years now I think. It pioneered with BF3 alpha/beta early/mid of 2011. It’s now halfway through 2013. The program still requires constant forced changed passwords if it thinks yours is too weak, doesn’t remember window sizes and gets the language of countries wrong a ton if you’re not 1st world, and all other sorts of problems. They’ve had ample time to fix this. They have not. I hate sites like Direct 2 Drive who don’t let me buy if I’m not in the USA, and places like greenmangaming who insist I live in europe and wish to pay in euroes when I check their e-mails… but at least GMG lets me pay normally once it realizes my IP isn’t european. And doesn’t force THE WRONG LANGUAGE on me. Or force me to buy all my dlc through their service. Which, again, charges me in the wrong (more expensive) currency, and forces me to browse for it in THE WRONG LANGUAGE. WITH NO OPTION TO CHANGE THE LANGUAGE.

    Does it sound like I’m giving Origin a hard time? Yes, it does. It is because I am, and because it deserves it. You do NOT make a program for international audiences and only do things for 1st world country audiences, like the sales on DLC and free games that only USA/Canada/UK/etc could redeem. It’s like I’m being punished for my current location. That should never happen with international ANYTHINGs. If Origin made itself respectable, then I’d have no problems. But as it is right now, it’s just not really something I enjoy using or can support.


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