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New Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare multiplayer gameplay footage

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Video footage has emerged of a new multiplayer gameplay mode for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare titled “Gardens & Graveyards”. In this new addition to the game, up to 24 players can team up together to cause absolute zombie and plant-driven mayhem on a variety of upcoming maps.

In a concept similar to Conquest and Rush modes from Battlefield, Gardens & Graveyards involves taking bases and dealing with a rush-like objective that will vary depending on the map. When zombies attack, they are responsible for taking plant bases and using summoned zombie hordes to help them work towards the rush objective.

Vice versa, plants are able to set up defensive plants that are similar to tower defense systems used to help hold off the upcoming zombie attacks. The plants will win if the time runs out before the zombies can take over the map; alternatively, zombies will win if they are able to take and control all of the objective bases.

The map showcased in the video below is called Driftwood Shores.

via AllGamesBeta

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