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Millions of Grand Theft Auto 5 player-created jobs released, verified by Rockstar

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Earlier this morning, Rockstar Games announced the first verified player-created jobs that have been published via the GTA Online Creator community. There are over one million of these player-created jobs available, with each of them gaining the seal of approval from Rockstar among the countless other millions of Races and Deathmatches that were submitted. Rockstar has stated that there will be many other verified jobs that will be announced within the upcoming weeks and months.

Jobs that have been selected and verified by Rockstar have also been tested out to ensure that they will meet the performance standard for the game. Additionally, when jobs have been verified by Rockstar, they become instantly available for play across platforms, making them accesible to players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

via Rockstar Games


    seems like a lot all at once. i hope it doesnt seem oversaturated, i cant imagine how it wouldnt with that many added at same time