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Microsoft take jab at Sony and Taco Bell

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aarontwitterTwitter is, once again, the medium which Microsoft and Sony employees are using to blast one another during the next-generation “console war”.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg took the latest next-gen jab, as he slammed Sony and their sponsor Taco Bell. While Sony are offering the chance for fans to win a PS4 early, by texting unique codes found on Taco Bell meals; Microsoft are offering gamers the chance to play their next-gen Xbox One for free during its tour.

Greenberg’s tweet can found below (complete with winking emoticon):

So the next-gen “banter battle” continues, and another shot is fired. Let’s see what outburst hits Twitter next…

  • solomongrundy

    i still rather have a ps4

  • http://popculturesocialclub.com/ DreamDrop♥

    Really Microsoft? Really?

    • enkoo

      Wonder if that’s REALLY true :)

      • http://popculturesocialclub.com/ DreamDrop♥

        Considering how liberally they’ve been giving them away, I’m certain it is. Sony’s been doing there best to engender gamer goodwill.