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Microsoft: Indie titles more likely to launch for Xbox One in early 2014

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Back during Gamescom 2013, Microsoft revealed its Independent Developers @ Xbox program, a program that wants to bring in indie developers and their games onto the Xbox One. In an interview with Games Industry International, Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison revealed that there have been quite a fair number of applicants for the program:

Within hours it was hundreds. I actually don’t know the number now but I’m assuming it’s in the thousands.

Even with this high interest in the program, Harrison doesn’t expect indie titles for the Xbox One to be released until at least early 2014:

I don’t think it’s realistic to see a developer get the program and build a game and get it into the market on November 22. It’s reasonable to expect in early 2014 we’ll start seeing the first games come through.

The Xbox One will be released later this fall.

Source: Games Industry International

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