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Microsoft apologizes for not publicly showing the Xbox One UI

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While Microsoft is set on launching its Xbox One in two months’ time, the company has yet to publicly reveal how the Xbox One’s user interface will look like. Yes, it has been shown off behind closed doors to members of the media, and while we’ve seen snippets of the UI in demos for the Xbox One, we haven’t seen it fully fleshed out.

In a response to a NeoGAF thread, Microsoft director of product planning Albert Pinello apologized for this, saying that he’s “really, really sorry about this. We’ve booked to do it a couple times, and my schedule hasn’t allowed it.”

As for when we’ll see the Xbox One UI demoed, Pinello is “not sure when it’s going to happen.” Hopefully, that will happen sometime soon.

Source: NeoGAF

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    1. They really were behind that leak.
    2. It’s still not done yet.