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Metro Redux — “Uncovered” – Official Gameplay Trailer

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Discover how 4A Games have made Metro Redux one of the most complete and ambitious “remasters” of modern times.

Improved graphics, new game modes and additional content and features make Metro Redux a compelling package for newcomers and Metro fans alike.

41 comments on “Metro Redux — “Uncovered” – Official Gameplay Trailer

  1. I’m debating if it’s worth getting both reduxes or just 2033. It sounds
    like Last Light hasn’t changed much beyond the DLC being included this time.
    I’d rather play 2033 again since I’ve always wanted to play that with the
    sequels stealth mechanics. The stealth was always to broken to the point of

  2. ooh g even more remastered games how original, why even releave this on pc
    when we already had the full experience? makes no sence to me expect for
    money grabbing reasons.

  3. Consoles able to bring you high end PC specs? I’m a console guy and even I
    know that’s bull.

  4. So I’m on the fence whether to get this for Playstation 4 or PC. Is there
    full support for a controller on PC? Kinda use to play with my Xbox 360
    controller on PC….

  5. so if i havent played the games yet i get 2 games completely rebuild and
    better than the original plus the dlc for 40€. sounds like a good deal to

  6. That’s how remastered games should be made…This is the first remastered
    game i am gonna enjoy spending money on,for only 40 euro.. Not those like
    Tomb Raider or the Last of us. Don’t get me wrong those 2 are not bad
    games,but selling their remastered versions,who are pretty much the same is
    not worth 60$/60Euro price…

  7. One thing this video has not mentioned is that if you got the two original
    games on steam, you can buy the Redux package for 50% off (2033 and last

  8. I wasn’t going to get it but after watching the video I might it looks
    really good. And after playing The Last of Us remastered I played the
    opening sequence on ps3 at a friends house but I wasn’t impressed because
    the graphics but on the ps4 it is amazing

  9. If they would ever make a multiplayer for this game it would be the best
    thing ever created

  10. I only bought 2033, because i have a feeling that LL will feel the same and
    look the same as last year LL, but i may be wrong.

  11. Its not all about graphics. Gameplay is the most important part of a game.
    If the graphics also match then that’s a bonus. Like GTA: San Andreas is
    amazing and the graphics aren’t that great. As long as you enjoy the game
    and it tells a fantastic story, then it really has done a good job.
    Graphics matter but not to the fullest extent.

  12. I love how when The Last of Us released the remastered version, the exact
    same game plus a 2 hour DLC with a mild boost to graphics every is just
    willing to take it up the ass no problem yet whe Metro releases a
    remastered version of two games atleast 9 hours,almost 16 if you go for
    everything, each with boosted AI and graphics and improved gameplay plus a
    shit ton of DLC everyone is just like, eh rip off, fuck deep silver this is
    just a waste of money…FUCK YOU PEOPLE!

  13. I am starting to dislike 4A games because of releasing a version that was
    supposed to be the original.

  14. +WistfulBreeze thats the point i really like the game so i dont want to pay
    the same game again i mean this is for people who never played before.

  15. oh look is another gaming company being greedy for more money..how about
    you lazy dispsh#ts go make something original and making a new story/game..

  16. I find myself aggravated by the original metro 2033. If the redux proves
    superior, it will redeem what I found 2033 annoying, to be a thing of the
    past. And no more HP system for enemies for the game either.

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  18. i live in saudi arabia and this game is banend here so thanks to the inter webs mine is arriving on the 9th along with the GOD OF WAR III . gotta love sony for the no regional lock 


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