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Machinima demanded payment for video views, claims Minecraft creator

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We recently reported that Nintendo wanted to stick ads into any video on YouTube that included Nintendo-owned content. This type of crackdown means that proceeds will go to Nintendo rather than the user who uploads the video.

Just today, Examiner has linked us to a reddit post in which users discuss the issue, with some claiming that allowing monetization of Minecraft’s “lets plays” is one of the keys to the game’s success.

However, one particular response to that has thrown many of us off. Minecraft creator, Markus Persson aka Notch, stated that Machinima demanded to be paid for their videos as they believed that their videos helped in boosting Minecraft’s sales.

Machinima itself is a gaming and media streaming website that hosts thousands of videos through a series of YouTube channels.

While Persson didn’t deny that the game’s sales were boosted by Machinima’s videos, he mentioned that their demand was offensive because they were trying to make money off of someone else’s work.

“Machinima wanted us to pay them money. They said their videos were driving sales for Minecraft, and that they should get a cut.” “They have amazing engineers and passionate directors, but their business practices are insane.”

I’m going to have to agree with Persson. What do you guys think?

6 comments on “Machinima demanded payment for video views, claims Minecraft creator

  1. Great post. It’s a weird issue, as I was turned on Minecraft from Seananner’s posts on Minecraft – the first video now has over 7 million views. They certainly did drive sales, but not sure if they deserve a cut of the profits.

    • Seananners and Machinima do get a profit from everything they create because their accounts are set to monetize. At 7 million views, they can live pretty well off the profits. I’m not sure what the actual figures are but apparently it’s enough that Yogscast can rent offices, pay multiple members of staff, and travel the world to conventions. If Machinima isn’t happy with that profit, they should start their own studio, which some YouTubers have now that I think of it.

  2. Machinima didn’t turn me on to Minecraft at all. It was Nova’s videos who I found by Kootra.

  3. Yeah this isn’t the first time Machinima have tried to threaten others with fear laced legalese. Their contract with creators is insanely ridiculous, they’ve threatened their own creators if they talk about leaving Machinima, and the very fact that they have contracts with game developers that excludes them from legal threats for let’s plays is totally unacceptable. It puts them in an unfair position by which the average person that wants to make an LP on YouTube is in a position of risk, yet people who do the exact same thing for Machinima, The Game Station, and other LP networks are somehow exempt. It should be a generalized agreement that all devs can post to their websites and that all creators can site when they’re threatened with wrongful copyright claims.

    Also, I wasn’t turned on to Minecraft by Machinima either. I used to watch Yogscast videos when they were playing the beta for Cataclysm and they just started shifting over to Minecraft and I got hooked that way.

    And besides, why should Machinima be taking credit for anything? They just created a legal umbrella under which people are safe. They didn’t create the content. It’s as insulting as when a movie studio takes credit for funding a movie, even though they fought the director and writer on the editing decisions every step of the way. No self-respecting creator on YouTube should be using them to distribute content. Machinima is a monster.

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