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Let’s Get Pixelated episode 17: Order From The Papa (Podcast)

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PE-PODCAST-BANNERHello Pixel Nation and welcome to episode 17 of Let’s Get Pixelated: The Pixel Enemy podcast….now with extra toppings!

In this episode we:

Go “around the horn” and discuss:

  • Williams gets busty with Dragon’s Crown on the PS Vita
  • Tyler’s playing some more Guild Wars 2, and discusses his brief time with Papers, Please.
  • Espo talks: Sonic Racing Transformed and Payday 2

Next, we discuss, The Xbox One’s unboxing video, the consoles family sharing and Xbox Live Gold membership information, Valve closing down their San Francisco office, Pokemon X and Y get mega evolutionsLeft 4 Dead 3 is a thing, and much, much more.

Finally, we round out the show with a metric ton of user questions and talk about games that made us rage quit.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we talk about and dissect all the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer.

Remember, send all of your burning questions to @pixelenemy or our Facebook page. They can be about anything and you can win cool stuff!

Show Notes

  • You can check out our review for Papers, Please here.
  • You can watch our video review for the AverMedia Live Gamer here.
  • You can read Tyler’s awesome piece on Richard & Alice here. 
  • You can watch our exclusive Battlefield 4 videos here.
  • You can enter our Saints Row IV PC giveaway here.
  • Tyler Colp

    What do I win for that puntastic finisher?

  • Jeremy Morrow

    There were no pictures of half eaten Papa John’s pizza linked in the show notes as promised. As such, I must blindly assume that Espo is a shill for the corporate pizza industry. Also, I ordered a pizza after this podcast, ate it, and immediately gained 1 pound. I blame you for this, Epso!