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Ken Levine tweets he was ‘roofied’ and sh*tstorm ensues

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KenLevine_02It all started with a tweet. Irrational Games’ Creative Director, Ken Levine apologized for looking tired at his latest round of interviews at PAX East because he was “roofied” by Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann.

For those of you that don’t know (and we’re hoping there aren’t many of you who don’t) a ‘roofie’ is a slang term for Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 5.25.17 AMRohypnol – a sedative that has been dubbed “the date rape drug”. Perhaps the joke was in bad taste, and it is quite possible the world isn’t ready for a joke like this so soon after Steubenville and the recent horrors in India so fresh in everyone’s mind.

Who knows? Maybe there should never be a time when roofie jokes are acceptable.

Nevertheless, a joke about being drugged does not necessarily constitute a joke about being raped, no matter how “bad tasting” the joke might be. That didn’t stop the Twitterverse from flipping it’s collective lid and the shitstorm of keyboard warriors filling their 140 characters with both vitriol and a defense of Levine’s comment.

We’ll let the tweets speak for themselves:

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 5.24.50 AM

A few more here:

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 5.27.35 AM

Some more rational voices:

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 5.27.58 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 5.27.18 AM

At the time of writing, the discussion has continued and Levine has apologized for his tweet.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 6.09.42 AMIt would be easy to come to the defense of one of our favourite game designers by dismissing the tweet as a harmless joke – and we need to make it clear that neither this writer, nor Pixel Enemy are defending Levine or siding one way or the other.

The issues surrounding rape are contentious at best and have not only polarized a small town in Ohio, but brought rape culture into a world discussion (which is what this writer feels it should be) through the use of social and mainstream media.

What is needed here, and in any discussion on rape, are cool collective voices admonishing the crime as reprehensible. The video gaming community is both vocal and connected and has a tremendous potential to bring changes to harmful social attitudes.

Someone simply needed to tell Levine it was a bad joke.


72 comments on “Ken Levine tweets he was ‘roofied’ and sh*tstorm ensues

  1. Is this a joke? Are words automatically prohibited just because some tragedy happened in the world? Specially when that word isn’t even exclusive to that meaning? This is completely insane and irrational.

    • I think some people need to direct their anger towards people who actually do the raping, as opposed to people who simply joke about it.

  2. wow…. just wow. STOP TRYING TO SILENCE PEOPLE. If Ken Levine wants to make a motherfucking bitch ass cocksucking rape joke…. who give a shit??? Don’t support him, but don’t say that making a joke is unacceptable. Either its all acceptable or nothing is.

  3. ……. seriously its like everyday we have another story about how someone is offended by something. Stop. Just Stop. Ken Levine can say whatever he wants, this doesn’t mean anything telling him he can’t. Literally I would equate it gibberish. Its just doesn’t make sense it means nothing.

  4. Oh I’m sorry I must have read this story incorrectly, I thought it said he raped somebody. Oh thats not the case? THEN WHO GIVES A CRAP

  5. People like Proud Virgin and Lunatic Moon Rena make the gamers look bad. Hopefully they understand just how stupid what they are saying is. (Not to mention this wasn’t even a rape joke)

  6. LoL people are dumb as shit. What if he said he was hit by and airplane and the impact forced the levies to break? Oh imagine the chaos. A 911 joke and a Katrina joke! Grab the pitchforks!

    • Agreed. Wtf, some butthurt bitches cant take the joke. But ofcourse its those who have “issues” that are gonna be “offended”

  7. I really think the Jezebel/kotaku effect has gone overboard,far too much sensitivity when it comes to gender issues, and definitely far too much overreaction.

  8. Someday, we won’t be able to make jokes about stupid people, because people with low IQ’s will get offended.

    When will this slippery slope of special interest groups getting offended and trying to censor everyone come to a head?

  9. Crazy females, i don’t believe a real human being would make the mental fart to twist a light comical comment involving “only” males, into a women getting raped.

    These stupid hookers need to get set straight somehow, maybe even charged by law.

  10. Gamer girls are the weirdest bunch there is. How this could have ever been misconstrued for anything negative is beyond me. It’s really a shame how people cant even be themselves without worrying who they might offend. Levine shouldnt have had to apologize either.

  11. Freedom of speech. ever heard of that ass cawk raped retards? everyone shut the fuk up before i rape ur rights.

  12. Too many easily-offended tools that need to be pushed into a cave.


    Fucking holy shit. ‘Proud Virgin’ need to be given a lesson if not smacked across the face until ‘senses’ return and same would go for people like Lunatic Moon Rena….my god. Sub-humans like them are pathetic.

  13. People are oversensitive and you only have society to blame with their attitude being so “everything is ok if it makes you happy” while sitting up on a high horse looking down on anyone or anything that could possibly be looked at as a link to something bad eg video games = murder etc. A joke is a joke and this one wasn’t even about rape but if it was who gives a shit, its a joke. There is a line like not taking the piss out of someone because they were raped but then again everyone picks and chooses with gays are normal and can get married in churches because “love is love” but apply the same principle to incest and again everyone (society) would be up in arms. Keep it simple, does a joke about a drug linked to rape = disrespect to rape victims… NO. Do video games create killers… NO. Is being gay or fucking your family defy our nature as human beings… YES. But lets pick and choose.

  14. i never knew there’s some people out there that would find a way to make a good guy look bad, Ken Levine is a cool dude

  15. It wasn’t a bad joke. It was a joke. Just because someone makes a reference to a drug that can be used for malicious purposes, doesn’t mean he was making a reference to that act. Do you know what else can be used to facilitate rape? Alcohol, but I don’t think anyone would be upset if Ken Levine said he was tired during his interview because he was hung over.

    This story should be taken down, as to not feed the idiocy that already exists around his Tweet.

    Also, you really should fix the CSS on your site. The comment section is completely broken. Looks pretty unprofessional.

  16. Women should be groped and raped on a daily basis, this shit is getting out of hand and they require punishment.

  17. “Someone simply needed to tell Levine it was a bad joke.”

    That’s inane and you know it. Human beings can’t be expected to constrain on every word and every statement due to the vague possibility that someone somewhere may be offended. If someone chooses to make a joke, it should be perfectly okay. Because it’s a joke. Did he say “rape is a positive thing” or “….underrated”. No. He made a joke that affects absolutely no one and affects no social stigmas what-so-ever. Freedom of speech does not mean “until I hurt someone’s feelings” and you should be ashamed to distort his words to the worst extent.

  18. The world where drugs are rape, rape is the worst thing that can happen but wishing murder is okay, original intentions are meaningless, and “Rape culture” is real.
    The internet has a funny imagination.

  19. Hahahahahahaha! Nice one pixelenemy! But now seriously take this article down, you wouldn’t want tons of people rageblowing the commetn box because of a fake article right? Oh… no, wait….

  20. Welcome to the brave new progressive world, where everyone walks on eggshells, everyone is offended, and no one is speaking freely.

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  22. He should have said Gerstmann ‘Mickey Finned’ him instead. Means the same thing and it’s an awesome Max Payne reference.

  23. They just exaggerating things too much. whatever the reason is, He just saying why he’s look tired because of his last interviews. chill~~

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