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Is Battlefield Hardline, Police Warfare reborn?

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Once upon a time there was a Kickstarter campaign for a game called Police Warfare. Suddenly, and without warning, the Kickstarter campaign was cancelled and little was heard from developer Elastic Games.

ProdigioPete has discovered quite a few similarities between Police Warfare, and the upcoming Battlefield Hardline. Listen to his findings and theories.

9 comments on “Is Battlefield Hardline, Police Warfare reborn?

  1. This game is coming out before CoD? Great! Prepare for a repeat of BF4.
    Game ruining bugs for everyone!

  2. According to IMDB and LinkedIn none of the guys who worked on Police
    Warfare are associated with BF Hardline or Visceral Games. Wouldn’t
    surprise me though if EA bought the IP rights, that’s why the kickstarter
    disappeared. It does look awfully similar to Hardline

  3. I find it a bit funny how positively people reacted to this “Police
    Warfare” title (looking at the likes on the video) but as soon as you add
    “Battlefield”, all these fans go absolutely mental. I know you love the
    game/series but get over it. We all knew EA love money and all that so
    there is nothing surprising about it. You don’t have to buy it. Although I
    like Battlefield I’m not closed-minded about this. But I’m not going to
    Pre-Order anything. I’m waiting patiently for reviews and if I find it
    attractive then I’ll buy it.

  4. we dont want this stupid game im pretty sure atleast 75% of the BF
    communities want a BFBC3

  5. I think Hardline was already in development in some form, then EA saw the
    kickstarter and one of 2 things happened.
    1. They made them take it down threatening to sue.
    or (more likely)
    2. They hired them onto Visceral Games and had them continue working on
    what now is BFH.

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    post mine? Go to my channel and look at Take Down

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