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Is Battlefield Hardline just a re-skin of Battlefield 4?

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Battlefield Hardline shares many similarities with Battlefield 4. Speedbre4ker is here to show you both the old, and the new.

I’m loving the fact that you can now take health/ammo from friendlies. What is your favourite feature that has made it into Hardline?

58 comments on “Is Battlefield Hardline just a re-skin of Battlefield 4?

  1. I think I’m gonna go for CoD this year in stead.
    BFH is fun, but it’s not a very good AAA game. CoD also looks more

  2. This is why I prefer the Unreal engien over any engien, especially
    The Unreal engien is built for gameplay, the nice visuals is just a bonus.
    Frostbite 2 and 3 and only built to look good, the gameplay they provide
    isn’t very good. I don’t like the engien which is just another reason for
    me to dislike this game.
    Also, vehicles handle like fucking shit.

  3. I really do think that this game should’ve been a DLC for BF4. Its pretty
    much the same HUD so they wouldn’t need to work on that. DICE could’ve
    charged like $25 for it and maybe if they were MAJOR douche bags charged
    $15 for premium users as well. All the new game modes would have made more
    people want to buy it as DLC and also make more Premium sales.

  4. Battlefield has lost its way. It’s WAY too soon to be releasing another BF
    especially since they just released a patch that has addressed most of the
    problems that BF4 has been having since it launched.

    Every gameplay upgrade that you’ve mentioned like taking ammo/health from
    teammates should be included to BF4 as well. If people continue to support
    crap like this BF will officially become another CoD.

  5. You remember Medal of Honor? That is now gone and this is what is most
    likely to replace it. A real “new” game like BF4, then something like that
    just a little different, then something like BF5 or BFBC3. These games are
    what will replace MoH in the rotation most likely.

  6. If this was DLC I would download as soon as I got the chance. But they want
    to charge full price for this? Fuck you EA….

    MORE CHANGES TO BE CONSIDERED A FUCKIN DLC…. so glad you made this video

  8. Look at it like this, this time around the beta was actually a couple of
    months in Advanced unlike the prior Battlefield titles which had the “beta”
    within a month of launch. Bf3 & BF4 betas were basically stress tests on
    their servers.

  9. I’m not sure how to explain this but it looks like the graphics
    “downgraded” giving it a more cartoonish feel.

  10. 60$ for a DLC worthy (title) no way…. the game is re-skinned Bf4. imho
    this game is a PR move to move attention away (what is left) from the
    disaster that was bf4.

  11. “Why change something that is already good?”
    Haha, funny, that’s exactly what CoD devs were saying for the past 7
    fucking years.
    You either die a hero like BF2/BFBC2/BF3, or you live long enough to see
    yourself become the CoD.

  12. This IS just a re-skinned BF4. The “new features” are insanely small. Like,
    where you got the last bullet? Who cares, it is either a headshot or not.
    An indicator of where all the damage landed like in Ghost Recon:Phantoms
    would be much better. So they fucked that up as well.
    And the red headshot indicator… Well fucking wow. GOTY.
    Another thing. Why the FUCK do you think that taking health and ammo from
    teammates is a “excellent feature”? It just further degrades teamwork which
    we already barely had and people become more and more selfish. Again,
    tottaly fucked up design.
    Oh and of course, blowing up a fucking police cruiser with 20 7.62 rounds?
    What is this bullshit?
    And then you go on and say “Laser tripmines which are pretty civilian and
    police unit themed”. Are you retarded? How is a claymore “high-tec and
    advanced” compared to a laser tripmine?
    And on top of that they introduced like the worst fucking gadgets in the
    game, like the self-revive shitball, which EVEN MORE SO degrades teamwork,
    since you don’t even need a fucking medic to revive you, you just do it
    And I haven’t even mentioned that there is barely any new sound asset in
    the game. Like 90% of the sounds are flat out copy-pasted from BF4. Same
    applies to graphics and lots of animations. Cheap move.

    So overall this piece of crap is a downgraded BF in all fucking possible
    aspects. And it isn’t some $15 DLC, hell no, they charge you $59+Premium
    for this shit.

    If you think this is as good as you say, you have mental issues. Or you
    never played any past BF titles beside BF4.

  13. No excuses, it’s the same game. And i’m not going to buy it just for a red

  14. Dude, don’t be fooled it’s exactly the sane as bf4 We can’t all sit back
    and say it’s OK for dice to sell me the same fucking game with minor
    touches WTF THIS NOT FIFA yes I played the beta and honestly it’s fun and
    would buy it but not if it means ea being vindicated to continue to sell me
    carbon copy

  15. EA will sell this DLC/mod to players for 60 bucks. And they will buy…
    Thats how you make $$$. Gj EA! :)

  16. Shut up everyone, this game is amazing. And before anyone goes and says
    “Oh, well he has to be new to BF to say this, what a retard” I’ve played
    since 2142.

  17. kinda ironic bf players used to bashed on cod because its releases every
    year & say its the same game & when they replied if it ain’t broke don’t
    fix it but now all the bf players are saying the same about bf

  18. so Hardline plays more like BF3, BF4 feels too sluggish for me and BF3
    feels more snappy and faster action, I just wish they change the character
    models for the “robbers”

  19. All of these things he mentioned could of easily be changed in BF4. But
    no…make it a full price game.


  20. Thank fuck, someone with a functioning brain who’s willing to actually play
    the game and judge it objectively for himself.

    I find it hilarious that everyone is crying reskin. Yeah like the other
    Battlefields aren’t reskins?? BF4 was a blatant BF3 reskin. What do ppl
    want? BF5? A BF4 reskin? Another modern military shooter to play for 2
    years straight? Conquest & rush, same guns, same vehicles, new maps blah
    blah blah. Oh and don’t forget premium map packs including old maps that we
    already played lol….. The sad fact is that’s actually what ppl want. The
    same game recycled over and over. They eat it up with a spoon.

  21. would be alot better if you actually had different weapons and gadgets
    depending on if you were playing as a theif or a cop.


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