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Halo cosplayer to “reward” someone with a friend request for funding his trip to 343 and PAX

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By running this, I’ll be getting the word out and probably end up securing him some funding. I’m in two minds about this, on one end he’s just trying, right? I mean he’s essentially begging online, but it’s better than lying to secure funding.

It all seems pretty normal he’s a super fan trying to get some money together, makes sense, but it feels as though he is taking it all a little serious:

“This is legit guys! This is not a scam! This is a means for this Spartan (me) to go to PAX and 343i. It shows me who visits the page, looks, and then does nothing.  I’m just looking for $10 donations here. Nothing Stupendous. Anything helps!”

So he basically tries to guilt trip you into giving him $10, which is kind of annoying. But most interesting is that he offers anyone who donates $100 the chance to friend request him!

Now, as a charity cosplayer I find it interesting more than anything, that someone would try this. I’m curious to see what everyone thinks; will he get funding? Or is this crowd funding gone mad with cosplay elitism?

If you want to donate, you can via his page here.

I don’t any immediate issues with this, but really $100 should offer a reward that’s much more substantial, of course no one is forcing you to donate.

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