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GTA V intro and loading screen footage leaked — Rumour

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gta55Footage of Grand Theft Auto V‘s supposed intro and initial loading screen have been leaked on YouTube.

Following the recent GTA V online data leak, in which many audio files were made available, publisher Take-Two is now acting to take down videos which apparently show legitimate GTA V gameplay.

While other videos have received copyright strikes and been forcibly taken down, the video below still remains viewable:

The P.E. Perspective: The uploader of this video claims that Take-Two “doesn’t care about intros, only gameplay and possible spoilers”. I’m pretty damn sure that isn’t the case, and I imagine that this video will be taken down sooner, rather than later.

Is the footage fake? I’m not so sure. Grand Theft Auto‘s intros have always been a sequence of images, which would be very easy to replicate. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more uploads from this user, as well as other GTA V content on YouTube.

What do you guys think? Real or fake?

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