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GameStop managers will also be getting Xbox One units this holiday season

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Yesterday, we reported that GameStop managers would be getting a free PS4, along with seven games, the news being announced at GameStop Expo. Turns out that they’ll be getting a free Xbox One, as well, when the console launches this holiday season.

Neowin reached out to GameStop PR representative Jackie Smith and she confirmed the aforementioned. Regardless if a GameStop general manager attended the GameStop Expo this week or not, every general manager of GameStop’s over 6,500 retail stores will be getting a PlayStation 4 and, now, an Xbox One.

The P.E. Perspective: We wondered if Microsoft would counter with a free Xbox One for every GameStop manager, and now it’s confirmed that that is, indeed, the case. A smart play on Microsoft’s part, and now the playing field is level.

Source: Neowin via Joystiq

  • KillzoneVII

    Man I wish I was a gamestop manager! That’s over $1000 worth of free shit!