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Gamescom 2013: Activision announces CoD: Ghosts transition “upgrade” price. also available for Xbox platforms

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At yesterday’s Sony gamescom press event, the company has announced that those who wish to buy both the current and next-gen versions of certain games will get significant savings for doing so though they’ve yet to put a price to it.

Fortunately, Activision is the first one out of the gate with this “upgrade” scheme and has given a price, too.

In a press release sent today, Activision has announced that ” further details surrounding Call of Duty: Ghosts participation in Sony’s PS3 to PS4 upgrade program. The upgrade program is completely optional and allows consumers who purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts on PlayStation 3 to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 version of the game for a limited time at a suggested retail price of only $10, €10, or £10 depending on territory. More details will be shared in the weeks to come.”

More importantly, it seems this program isn’t exclusive to Sony platforms, as Activision has announced that the “upgrade” will also come to Xbox 360 players who wish to transition to Xbox One with “retail programs” announced by Amazon and GameStop.

As of the moment, we have no confirmation if the $10 upgrade price is the same across the board, or how long the limited offer is or if games from other publishers will do the same deal for Xbox platforms.

For the moment, both Activision and EA has announced that Call of Duty’s Season Pass and Battlefield 4 Premium, will carryover from current-gen to their next-gen “home” platforms (PS3 to PS4, Xbox 360 to Xbox One).

In my opinion, this is certainly a good move by publishers and hardware-makers alike, since this will entice gamers to transition to next-gen faster, and at the same time, buy the current-gen versions without buying the game for the same price again.

Anyone planning on buying two copies of Ghosts or any of the other titles that support this feature?

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